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CH BengalACatAMe Celestial Comet

Comet is our new black (silver) spotted Bengal stud. As you can see, he is a stunning silver Bengal. We anticipate fantastic offspring from this TYPEY, TYPE, TYPEY silver stud! We are so grateful to Jean and Wayne Delly of Bengal ACataMe for allowing us to bring this awesome silver stud into our cattery. He brings so much to the table! He is not only a beautiful and nicely boned Bengal; but he is also a very sweet and affectionate big guy! He is the son of BALICATS NEWSWURTHY [Brown (Black) Rosetted Sire] and PARAGONBENGALS POLAR ICE [Silver Seal Lynx Point Dam]. He is the grandson of GOGEES BREAKING NEWS. He has big, beautiful, green eyes that captivate you; sharp contrast and nice acreage. His pelt is very thick and tight. We are very excited about all the good things to come from Comet!

CH BENGALACATAME CELESTIAL COMET is the SECOND BEST BLACK (SILVER) SPOTTED TABBY BENGAL OF THE YEAR in the South Central Region for the 2008-2009 SHOW SEASON!!! He will be officially awarded this prestigious honor at the 2009 South Central Regional Awards Banquet, July 18, 2009. This TICA event will be held in New Braunfels, TX.

- - Comet is HCM Negative as of 4/23/2010 - -

Comet's photos by Helmi Flick

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