Differentiating Bengal Kitten Quality

We price our Bengal kittens based upon their quality. We sell only the finest kittens with the sweetest purr-sonalities. You may find a breeder selling a Bengal kitten for less; but then, you would not be buying a Quality Paragon Bengal Kitten!

PET QUALITY Bengals exhibit some trait or traits that the breeder does not wish to perpetuate within the breed. To illustrate, some of these exceptionally beautiful kittens may posses a genetic flaw, for example,
  • a kink in the tail,
  • rib bars instead of spots,
  • a tail that is a little long or thin,
  • ears that are a little long or pointed.
None of these faults put the kitten at a health risk, but does eliminate the kitten from a breeding program or the show ring. Most often, the quality that distinguishes a pet quality Bengal from a breeder quality Bengal is so subtle; it can only be appreciated by a knowledgeable breeder. Occasionally, we have beautiful kittens available as pets, with good contrast, dark markings and a very leopard like appearance.

BREEDER QUALITY Bengals exhibit traits that the breeder does want to perpetuate within the line.
Some of these traits are visible, such as
  • a thick, medium length tail with a blunt tip; or
  • short, rounded ears.
Some traits that the breeder wishes to perpetuate within the breed are not seen, such as
  • history of strong genetic health within a specific line or
  • specific recessive traits.
Some breeder quality kittens may exhibit traits that fall within the pet quality category, but the breeder may feel that the Bengal has other attributes to offer that out weigh those other factors. Kittens purchased for breeding programs represent good examples of the breed, even though they may not meet the strict criteria for show. They carry the genes and potential to produce offspring as good as, if not better than, themselves.

SHOW QUALITY Bengal kittens are those who best meet the Bengal standard for breed type, markings, pattern, coloration, and conformation. These Bengals exhibit spectacular beauty with a temperament to match. They have
  • a "wild" look to the face;
  • long, muscular body;
  • few or no stripes on ribs or legs;
  • light-colored, small, rounded ears;
  • outstanding contrast; and
  • a coat that is relatively free of ticking.
Our "Show" kittens are the very best we have to offer and are therefore the most expensive. There is no guarantee of show wins, as there is much more to garnering a win than good looks alone. Show quality kittens come with full rights so they may be used as breeders.